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extraordinary diamonds

of the highest excellence

Diamcad is an innovative diamond company, located in the Antwerp diamond district.  It consists of a highly skilled team including experts and polishers, who specialise in transforming high-value rough diamonds with outstanding cutting and faceting yield into exclusive, certified polished diamonds of superior excellence. To achieve this, Diamcad uses cutting-edge software, developed by in-house specialists.  Hence the name: Diamond Computer Aided Design. 






Diamcad was founded in 1989.  With new and revolutionary software, Diamcad changed the way diamonds would be manufactured.  This software was developed in-house, and dramatically improved the cutting and faceting yield of rough diamonds, as well as the cut and make of polished diamonds.  Diamcad applied these groundbreaking techniques to offer an optimizing and (re)polishing service.



Exploring innovative new ideas, Diamcad starts a working partnership with the University of Antwerp in '93. The collaboration results in a new scanning technique for rough diamonds and generates groundbreaking optimization algorithms to obtain the greatest yield from the rough diamond. This new scanning technique creates a 3-D model of the rough diamond, and allows for a precise location and identification of the imperfections within. With this information, the new optimization algorithm can assist in finding the best combination of polished diamonds in the rough diamond, taking into account the carat, clarity, cut and color.


courtesy of Donald Woodrow




Diamcad’s rough diamond experts visit the major diamond mining and trading centers worldwide, where they assess and purchase high potential rough stones.



The Diamcad process starts with an in-house high-precision scan of the rough diamond. The scanning technique is developed in collaboration with the University of Antwerp and results in an accurate 3D model.  This allows for a precise location and identification of the imperfections within.  This information enables our specialists to analyze the rough diamond and all its imperfections.


The next step in the process is to calculate the best combination of polished stones to generate the biggest revenue from the rough diamond. The expert is assisted by state-of-the-art optimization algorithms, taking into account the carat, clarity, cut and color. 

The latest laser sawing techniques are used by Diamcad to divide the rough stones into different rough pieces to be polished. These techniques allow Diamcad to saw every possible shape from the rough diamond with minimal sawing loss. 

The most recent innovation Diamcad has developed, introduces automated blocking in the production process.  With state-of-the-art robotics and software, the production is significantly streamlined in both duration and precision.

The polishing process is enhanced by in-house developed techniques, tools and measuring methods and is executed by highly skilled professionals. This unique interaction of craftsmanship and science guarantees extraordinary results.


In the last 30 years, Diamcad has created some of the world’s most famous polished diamonds.


The exceptional 46ct pink rough diamond, recovered by Sociedade Mineira Do Lulo (SML) was studied, cut and polished by Diamcad.  It generated a 15.23ct, fancy intense orangy pink heart shaped diamond, alongside two pear shaped diamonds of 3.3ct and 2.3ct.


Diamcad studied, cut and polished the Rose of KAO, a pink rough diamond of 29,59ct, that was unearthed by Namakwa Diamonds from their KAO mine in Lesotho. The stone yielded an intense pink, radiant shaped diamond, weighing 10,88ct .

The Graff Pink

Pink diamonds are exceptionally rare. Among them is the truly unique, magnificent Graff Pink.  It was bought at a Sotheby’s auction for a record price and was repolished by Diamcad to an exquisite 23.88ct internally flawless vivid pink pear shaped diamond.


The Lesedi la Rona, weighing 1.109ct, is the third largest rough diamond ever recovered, mined by Lucara Diamond in Botswana.  It was studied, cut and polished by Diamcad.  The stone yielded the 302,37ct 'Graff Lesedi La Rona', the largest highest colour, highest clarity diamond ever certified by the GIA.


The Peace Diamond is a 709ct rough diamond, discovered by a team of five artisanal diggers in Sierra Leone. The stone was bought by Mr. Graff, stating: “It is an honour to have acquired this magnificent rough diamond, and that its sale will directly benefit a country in desperate need. It is always special to be able to give back to the places that provide us with these beautiful stones.”


The Letseng Star rough diamond weighed 550ct.   The latest optimization techniques were needed to optimize and polish this stone of immaculate colour and quality.  Outstanding work of great precision and craftsmanship in 2013 resulted in cutting the stone into 28 extraordinary pear shaped diamonds totalling 169.76ct, among them 12 matching pairs .  


The Queen of the Kalahari is an exceptional rough diamond of 342ct in weight.  She has perfect colour and absolute purity and has given rise to a set of 23 perfectly cut diamonds. These diamonds, flawlessly polished by Diamcad, were meticulously set by Chopard into a collection of exceptional jewelry, known as ‘the Garden of Kalahari Collection’. 


The exquisite 493ct weighing Letseng Legacy was at the time ranked as the 20th largest diamond ever discovered. It was unearthed from the Letseng Mine and was studied, cut and polished by Diamcad, commissioned by Graff and Safdico. The stone was divided into more than 20 polished diamonds weighing from more than 50 carats for the main stone, down to the smallest 1 carat satellite stone. Most remarkable are the two couples of astonishing and perfectly identical pear shaped diamonds, cut with the highest precision and craftsmanship.


This legendary stone is the world’s 17th largest rough diamond ever to be discovered at the time. Diamcad transformed this 603ct stone into 26 D-color flawless diamonds ranging from 75ct to 0.55ct with a combined weight of 224ct.  This outstanding achievement was accomplished in 2007.





Diamcad has taken the principles of modern sustainability at heart for more than 30 years. Ethical responsibility, integrity and environmental protection have always been important vectors to steer our business course. 

We are a Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council since 2023. This standard addresses and measures our achievements in the fields of human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, product integrity, health and safety and many more. 

In line with RJC Standards on reporting and disclosure, the following documents are made publicly available:

|Our RJC Policy and Commitment

|Our Human Rights Policy

|Our Supply Chain Policy 

|Our annual Supply Chain Due Diligence Report

|Our annual Sustainability Report

If you would like to know more about our sustainability efforts and performance, the various policies against which our company has been independently audited or if you have any grievances to address us, please send us an email at

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