At Diamcad we differentiate ourselves from other diamond manufacturers by using high-tech equipment during the complete process from rough to polished diamonds. Our R&D team is continuously developing new technologies and techniques to optimize and polish high-value gemstones.

A complete high-precision scan of the rough diamond starts the Diamcad process. The scanning technique we use is the result of a close collaboration with the University of Antwerp and provides us with an accurate 3D model. Scanning takes into account the exterior as well as the interior of the stone, enabling our specialists to analyze the rough diamond and all its imperfections.  

The next step in the process is to simulate the best combination of stones to generate the biggest revenue. By navigating through the individual constraints of the rough stone, our state-of-the-art algorithm optimizes the quantity and quality of the simulated outcome.

The latest laser sawing techniques are used by Diamcad to divide the rough stones into different rough pieces that can be polished. These techniques allow Diamcad to saw every possible shape from the rough diamond, contrary to the classical laser techniques used in the diamond industry where only straight surfaces can be sawed.

The actual polishing process is founded on our in-house developed techniques, tools and measuring methods and is executed by highly skilled professionals. This unique interaction of craftsmanship and science is a guarantee for amazing results.