Rendering a rough diamond into a finished stone is a complex matter. It requires skill, insight and experience at each level of the production process. The Diamcad team of 35 highly skilled and dedicated professionals possesses this expertise and excellence in abundance. At their fingertips they have available the most innovative and high-tech techniques, processes and equipment. This combination of craftsmanship and science sets Diamcad apart from the competition. 
Our company culture emphasizes the need for good relationships between our collaborators to ensure mutual respect of everybody’s work and identity.

 Diamcad embraces an open-culture mentality as a principle. It enables every member of our team to improve their professional skills and stimulate their personal development.

The Diamcad team is trusted and respected by the world’s diamond community thanks to our values and long track record of optimizing and polishing the world’s largest diamonds.

Together we add another dimension.