The Golden Empress

In 2015, Diamcad took a 299 carat rough diamond and created this breathtakingly beautiful 132.55 carat fancy intense cushion-cut yellow diamond. But that’s not all. In addition to The Golden Empress, the rough stone yielded eight satellite diamonds: six pear-shaped fancy yellow stones – the largest being 21.34 carats – and two brilliant round stones.

Botswana 269,74 CT

The Karowe mine of Lucara in Botswana may be relatively new, but it has already yielded some impressive stones. Diamcad has polished a huge amount of rough stones weighing over 200 carats from this mine. This 269.70 carat rough diamond is an excellent example.

Emerald 105.52 ct

The world’s largest emerald-cut D Flawless diamond was polished by Diamcad in 2014. This unique diamond of 105.52 carats came out of a rough stone weighing more than 200 carats.

The Graff Pink

Pink diamonds are exceptionally rare. So it’s no surprise that the magnificent Graff Pink is truly unique. The stone was bought at a Sotheby’s auction for a record price and was recut by Diamcad to a 23.88 carat internally flawless vivid pink diamond.

The Letseng Star

The latest optimization techniques were needed to optimize and polish this outstanding work of great precision and craftsmanship in 2012. The rough stone of 550 carats yielded no fewer than 12 matching pairs.

The Graff Sweethearts

Completely flawless and perfect in cut and color, the Graff Sweethearts are an exquisite, perfectly matched pair. Diamcad optimized and polished these two unique stones in 2011 from two rough diamonds weighing 196 and 184 carats.

The Graff Constellation

The flawless 102.79 carat, D-color brilliant diamond that came out of the Light of Letseng is the world's largest. The Light of Letseng (478 carats) yielded nine other stones including a perfectly cut flawless heart-shaped D-color diamond weighing 51.20 carats.

The Letseng Legacy

The exquisite Letseng Legacy is ranked as the 20th largest diamond ever discovered. It has added to the growing reputation of the Letseng Mine as a source of precious diamonds. This remarkable 493 carat diamond was analyzed and polished by Diamcad’s team of experts and engineers for Graff and Safdico. We transformed the stone into more than 20 polished diamonds weighing from 1 carat to more than 50 carats. Among the stones are two astonishing and perfect pairs, cut with the highest precision and craftsmanship.

the Lesotho Promise

This legendary stone is the world’s 17th largest rough diamond ever to be discovered. Through our expertise and revolutionary scanning and polishing techniques, Diamcad managed to transform this massive 603 carat stone into 26 D-color flawless diamonds ranging from 75 carats to 55 points with a combined weight of 224 carats. This outstanding achievement was accomplished by our team in 2007.

Vendôme 105-Carat D Flawless Diamond

The diamond was created from a 314-carat rough unearthed at a mine in the southern African Kingdom of Lesotho. Following 3D computerized mapping of the rough diamond, our master cutters took “many months” to laser-cut and hand polish the gem. The resulting diamond is the largest cut and polished diamond of its kind. An additional 12 diamonds were created from the rough with the largest being 17.10 carats and nine having D flawless quality, the highest color and clarity grading for a colorless diamond.