Early Innovation

Diamcad was founded in the late 1980s. At this time, the diamond industry was very low-tech. It was a situation that Diamcad was soon to change. We developed revolutionary software to improve the cut and the make of polished diamonds based on a range of parameters. Instead of commercializing the software, Diamcad decided to use it in-house to offer our clients an optimizing and (re)polishing service for their diamonds.

Ground-breaking Technology

During the 1990s, Diamcad started working closely together with the University of Antwerp. The goal was to develop a new scanning technique for rough diamonds and create new optimization algorithms to obtain the biggest revenue from the diamonds. The collaboration was highly successful. It allowed us to create a 3-D model of a rough diamond. With this we could precisely identify and locate all the imperfections in a rough diamond. After that, the new optimization algorithm then precisely locates the best combination of polished diamonds in the rough diamond.

Full Service

In the niche market of high-value stones, Diamcad occupies a unique position with a full, 5-step service:

• Rough diamond assessment.
• Optimization with the aid of the latest in-house developed and commercial technologies.
• High-precision laser sawing.
• Polishing by the world’s most experienced craftsmen.
• Certification through GIA.

Pear 8.24 carat Vivid Purple Pink

Exceptional references

Our skills have enabled us to build an astonishing track record of optimizing and polishing high-value rough diamonds (see References). Every year we transform a considerable amount of rough diamonds of 100 carats or more. They come from a wide variety of sources: De Beers sights, Russia (Alrosa), Botswana (Lucara, ODC), Lesotho (Gem Diamonds), South Africa and elsewhere. Some of the world’s largest diamond companies trust us for our unequalled experience and state-of-the-art technologies to produce their largest high-value diamonds. They particularly appreciate the open communication and integrity that Diamcad embraces.


Financial support

We purchase our own rough diamonds and participate in the financing of our clients’ rough diamonds. This demonstrates our full and total commitment to our clients. Financing of these stones is not carried out via banks. Instead, we have developed an innovative financing instrument: the Diamcad Bond (see Finance). It allows individuals and professionals to invest in a secure and flexible way in the diamond industry. The success of the Diamcad Bond is only possible due to the confidence and trust that investors place in our business model.

Future oriented

We are fully committed to grow our activities and client base. This means striving to meet our clients’ needs as they evolve over time. We continuously invest to improve the technology of studying and polishing high-value diamonds with even greater precision and accuracy. Our R&D team is constantly developing new techniques and software for scanning, optimizing algorithms, laser sawing and polishing. Our aim is to regularly add new dimensions to our expertise to better satisfy our clients.

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