Diamcad’s business model is to participate in the financing of high-value diamonds. Thanks to our unequalled expertise in this market, Diamcad is extremely well positioned to assess the value of rough diamonds. Diamcad will take partnerships in the rough diamonds. After their transformation from rough to polished, we receive the appropriate share of the proceedings from the sale of the polished diamonds.

By issuing a bond open to all investors, Diamcad offers the opportunity to invest directly and flexibly in the diamond industry.

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The Diamcad Bond: A safe and flexible investment

  • Investment starting from 100 000 EUR
  • Duration: complete investment on demand within 3 months
  • Interest: between 5.00% and 6.00% for 2019
  • No charges
  • Investment without intermediaries, banks, funds,…
  • Web-based follow-up

Diamcad Obligatie 2019 NED.pdf
Diamcad Bond 2019 ENG.pdf