Diamcad - Diamond Computer Aided Design - is a highly innovative diamond company located in the heart of the diamond district in Antwerp. We specialize in transforming high-value rough diamonds to exclusive, certified polished diamonds of the highest excellence. Over the last 20 years the Diamcad team has created some of the world’s most famous polished diamonds. To name just two:

The Lesedi la Rona, weighing 1.109ct, is the third largest rough diamond ever recovered, mined by Lucara Diamond in Botswana and cut by our team in Antwerp. The stone yielded the 302,37ct 'Graff Lesedi La Rona', the largest highest colour, highest clarity diamond ever certified by the GIA, and the world’s largest square emerald cut diamond.

The Queen of Kalahari diamond is an exceptional 342-carat stone of perfect colour and absolute purity and has given rise to a set of 23 perfectly cut diamonds. These diamonds, flawlessly polished by our team, were transformed by Chopard into a set of exceptional jewelry, known as ‘the Garden of Kalahari Collection’.