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Diamcad is a highly innovative diamond company located in the heart of the diamond district in Antwerp. The detailed study of rough stones and the accurate polishing of diamonds is Diamcad’s core business. For this purpose, Diamcad - Diamond Computer Aided Design - uses a whole range of high-tech instruments and computer algorithms to optimize the polished outcome.

Thanks to its advanced use of and the research in the latest technologies Diamcad has obtained a prominent reputation in the niche of large sized high value gem stones.


In the course of the past 20 years our team has created some of the most eye-catching diamonds in the world. You will be amazed by some of our references, like the following two major achievements: 

- the historical Graff Constellation which is the largest D-colour round brilliant flawless diamond in the world (102,79 ct)

- the Lesotho Promise which is the 15th largest rough diamond ever found (603 ct) and which has been transformed into 26 D flawless diamonds


No other diamond company in the world has optimized and polished so many large high value diamonds as Diamcad.